My Hero Academia and Sasuke Rile Up Fans Over Alleged Spoilers

The Shonen series of My Hero Academia and Boruto: Naruto Next Generations are currently putting their heroes through some of the most difficult battles that they have ever encountered, and some alleged spoilers that have arrived online are causing some fans' heads to explode in anticipation of the next manga chapter for each franchise! With the War Arc seemingly coming to an end for the characters of Midoriya and the class of UA Academy, the war against the Kara Organization and its leader Jigen is heating up as Konoha's strongest ninjas are attempting to save their village from the rogue ninjas!

The War Arc for My Hero Academia has thrown so many threats at the heroes, that the ensuing battles have had their fair share of casualties on both sides. With a number of fake-out deaths coming in the forms of Bakugo and Gran Torino, plenty of lesser-known heroes were swallowed by the power of Shigaraki who now has inherited the power of All For One. On the villains' side of things, the antagonist, and fan favorite, Twice was taken down by the number two hero, Hawks, proving that no one is safe in the latest arc that has had both sides leaving everything on the table.

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations has born witness to the arrival of Jigen to Konoha, following his life or death battle with the former member of the Kara Organization, and the clone of Jiraiya, in Kashin Koji. With little time before the power of Isshiki burns out the body of Jigen, the leader of Kara is attempting to steal the body of Kawaki, but it seems as if the villain won't be able to without a fight. With many fans believing that the manga is hinting at the death of the Seventh Hokage, readers are paying extra close attention to any leaks from the series so this alleged spoiler that is hitting social media is definitely making the rounds.

Both the War Arc for My Hero Academia and the battle against Jigen in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is still quite a while away from appearing on their respective anime series, but rest assured that these will both be making some serious waves when they arrive on the small screen properly!

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