My Hero Academia Sees Bakugo Join The Fray

The Joint Training Exercise Arc currently has Class 1-A and Class 1-B with one win each, thanks to the latest battle of the UA Academy "Civil War" that resulted in a tie during its third battle among students, and with the fourth fight now beginning, it seems as if Bakugo is finally getting the chance to show off his Quirk and eccentric personality once again. With Bakugo being joined by the likes of Cellophane, Earphone Jack, and Sugarman, the explosive hero has many wondering if he will be able to control his temper to pull off a win against his rivals.

My Hero Academia has taken a drastically different approach to the relationship between Bakugo and his true rival in Deku in the latest episodes of the series, as the explosive hero has discovered the secret behind One For All and hasn't been shy about having conversations with Midoriya and All Might about it. Following Todoroki and his team scoring a tie against Mudman and his fellow 1-B students in the third battle of the Joint Training Exercise, that much more pressure is now on Bakugo and his team members to score a victory to place 1-A at the top of the list.

My Hero Academia Bakugo
(Photo: Studio Bones)

During this next battle, 1-B is hiding a major card up their sleeves with Lizardy, a student who has an insanely strange and powerful Quirk at her disposal. Needless to say, this fight will be anything but easy for Bakugo and his team.

Bakugo has easily become a fan favorite character thanks in part to his power set and his unpredictable personality that has him being triggered in most of the battles he has participated in. Often surpassing fans' love for Midoriya himself, the friendship between the two rivals has definitely changed, as the former bully of Bakugo hasn't been shy about showing his respect for Deku while also still striving to better him in the hero game.


Following the Joint Training Exercise Arc, we'll witness Bakugo later on in the season joining the Endeavor Agency, alongside Shoto Todoroki and Midoriya, as a part of a work-study under the current number one hero. Though the explosive hero still has a long way to go until he is able to become a professional crime fighter, this learning experience is sure to give him a better understanding of how to use his Quirk in a pinch.

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