My Hero Academia Debuts First Stills of Episode 102

My Hero Academia has pushed past its 100th episode, and the show is ready to celebrate with a new arc. As season five moves forward, fans are ready to see what's in store for Izuku as he continues mastering One For All. And now, the first stills of episode 102 have gone live to show fans what's coming up next.

This weekend will usher in a new episode of My Hero Academia, and it will focus on Izuku's new internship. The hero is about to join up with Bakugo and Shoto for a special work-study under Endeavor. Of course, the pro hero is still rough around the edges, so Izuku will have to prove himself in a big way. But after meeting with All Might, Endeavor may be more willing to help his son's friends out.

Of course, that is not all coming in episode 102. Yes, Endeavor will be a focal point of the update, but he will be joined by his sidekicks. In one of the My Hero Academia stills above, you can find Bakugo staring down Endeavor's fieriest aide so that dynamic will be fun to watch. A second still shows Izuku talking to his mom, and another hones in on Hawks as he holds out a book with a rather serious expression.

The rest of the stills focus on the episode's action as Hawks can be seen flying and Endeavor charges his flames. Our three students are shown in formation during a fight, and it seems the baddie they're facing has also been shown. The villain appears to be an older man sitting in mid-air and donning ornate clothes. His beard and hat give the baddie the look of a shaman, but fans are sure he's up to no good if Endeavor has to intervene with his mission.


What do you think of this first look at episode 102? Are you liking My Hero Academia season five so far? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.