My Hero Academia Teases Shigaraki's Past with New Episode Title

The fifth season of My Hero Academia is neck-deep in the villainous storyline known as My Villain Academia and one of the darkest moments of the Shonen franchise as a whole is set to arrive as the next episode's title has been revealed. With the previous episode seeing Shigaraki come face to face with the head of the Meta Liberation Army, Re-Destro, the dark tale of the young villain's origin is set to be revealed in full, showing how the grandson of Nana Shimura became one of the most terrifying villains threatening hero society.

The current storyline of My Hero Academia has seen several members of the League of Villains not only dive into detail when it came to their respective origin stories but also learn new aspects of their Quirks that have only made them more dangerous. Though Shigaraki and his gang are facing down an enemy that constitutes over one hundred thousand members, the likes of Twice and Toga have already stepped up to the plate by discovering how powerful their respective superpowers can be. With Twice managing to create as many doubles that could rival the number of members of the MLA and Toga discovering that she could use the Quirks of her victims on top of stealing their appearances, it seems that this battle is far from over as the two villainous leaders of the opposing factions are set to throw down. 

(Photo: Studio Bones)

The title of My Hero Academia's 112th episode is "Tomura Shigaraki: Origin," hinting at the fact that we will finally be able to see the full origin story of the heir apparent to All For One, which is easily one of the darkest and most violent moments of the Shonen franchise to date. 

With only a handful of episodes left in this current season, a sixth season has yet to be confirmed though considering the popularity of My Hero Academia as a whole, this seems like an absolute certainty at this point. The next season will most likely cover the "War Arc" of the series, which will see the ramifications of this villain war leading directly into a battle that is unlike anything that the young heroes of Class 1-A to date. 


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