My Hero Academia Reveals How Long Season 6 Will Last

My Hero Academia is getting ready to hit screens next month as part of the increasingly stacked Fall 2022 anime schedule, and now the series is setting up just how long it will be sticking around for its highly anticipated sixth season! As the anime prepares to adapt the biggest war between the heroes and villains from Kohei Horikoshi's original manga series to date, it's going to have quite a lot to cover when it finally explodes onto the scene when it finally premieres in just a little over a week's time. But there's been a question as for just how long it would go. 

With such a long runway needed for the next arc of the series, My Hero Academia Season 6 has officially announced that it will be running for two consecutive cours. While this does not nail down an exact episode count, this means we will get to see either 24 or 25 episodes for the season running through Fall 2022 and Winter 2023 up until the Spring season kicks in next April. We'll have plenty of time to not only check out the war to come, but could even potentially go beyond it by the time all is said and done. Check out the announcement below: 

My Hero Academia Season 6 will be premiering on October 1st in Japan, and Crunchyroll will be streaming the new season alongside its release for fans in international territories. The staff and cast from the previous five seasons will return for the new episodes, and the new opening theme for the series is titled "Hitamuki" as performed by SUPER BEAVER while the new ending theme is titled "SKETCH" as performed by Kiro Akiyama. You can find the first five seasons of the series now streaming with Crunchyroll too, and they tease the lead in to Season 6 as such: 

"With Bakugo and Todoroki, Deku is doing his work-study at the office of the number one hero, Endeavor. Working hard in the best possible environment, he is growing as a hero and using Blackwhip, a new Quirk that was hiding in One For All. Meanwhile, Tomura Shigaraki from the League of Villains clashes against the Metahuman Liberation Army led by Re-Destro. While he's being driven into a corner fighting Re-Destro, he recovers forgotten memories of his terrible childhood and is awakened. He seizes the Metahuman Liberation Army, expands its influence, and now desires a new power for himself to destroy everything."

How do you feel about this slate for My Hero Academia Season 6? What are you hoping to see go down in the new episodes before they wrap up next year?