My Hero Academia Reveals Shigaraki's Dark New Dilemma

The Paranormal Liberation War might be over in the sixth season of My Hero Academia's anime adaptation, but the struggle for the future of Hero Society has taken a dark turn. Wasting little time following his defeat, Shigaraki is now using the power of All For One to free his master from the prison known as Tartarus, while also unleashing scores of familiar villainous faces in the process. Unfortunately, with his use of the all-powerful Quirk, there's a major downside for Shigaraki thanks to his upgrade.

When Shigaraki awoke earlier in this latest season, gaining the power of All For One thanks to the experiments performed by the nefarious Dr. Garaki, he was a force to be reckoned with and his original Quirk of decay was bolstered to the point wherein he was able to eliminate scores of professional heroes and unknowing civilians. Thanks in part to receiving All For One's Quirk however, Shigaraki is now sharing his body with his "sensei", learning that the man responsible for All Might's retirement can now take control of the young antagonist's body whenever he desires. While this might have come in handy when Shigaraki was down for the count following his fight against Deku, Bakugo, Endeavor, and the other crime fighters, it's now becoming more of a problem.

(Photo: Studio Bones)

All For Shigaraki

Despite losing much of their roster thanks to the heroes' latest victory, the Paranormal Liberation Front might now have a stronger roster thanks to the actions of Shigaraki and the High-End Nomu. Freeing the likes of Muscular, Stain, Overhaul, and Lady Nagant, the League of Villains also now has two "All For Ones" roaming the Earth. Following the massive jailbreak, anime fans should expect to see Deku making some major changes in a bid to save his world and his friends in Class 1-A.

In the manga currently, the Shonen story playing out in the pages of Weekly Shonen Jump is telling the story of the "Final Arc" and is seeing just how devastating All For One and Shigaraki are side-by-side. While Midoriya believes that there is a slim possibility that Shigaraki can somehow be redeemed, that chance looks less and less likely as My Hero Academia hurdles toward its grand finale. 

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