My Hero Academia Art Finally Reunites Star and Stripe With All Might

One My Hero Academia fan gave Star and Stripe and All Might the reunion they truly needed with some emotional new art! Star and Stripe is one of the most important pro heroes in the series, but unfortunately was not around for as long as many fans had hoped to see. As the Final Act geared up for the final battle between the heroes and villains, fans were given a brief look at the other countries outside of Japan as the United States of America's own number one hero decided to jump in the fray against Tomura Shigaraki before he got too powerful.

This brief look at the United States' number one hero revealed a familiar type of hero who had modeled herself after All Might. She had been saved by him at a young age and thus modeled her own hero career after his. Upon seeing her full heroic skills in action, fans were desperate for these two heroes to reunite in some way. But this unfortunately never happens in the pages of the manga, so talented fans are taking this reunion into their own hands. Imagining what this could look like, artist @Trevoshere shared an emotional piece to Twitter that finally gives fans what might never be. Check it out below:

The Final Act of the series has kicked off a new phase as the recent chapters of the series have officially started the final fight between the heroes and villains. Although Star and Stripe was able to do some major damage to Shigaraki's body and removed many of the quirks he had as his disposal with her sacrificial final tactic, it was soon revealed in the latest chapters that Shigaraki still has a ton of tricks up his sleeve that the heroes will need to navigate in order to have any chance of victory at the end of the day. 

The series is far from over and the final battle between the heroes and villains has only begun, so there just might be a chance of a reunion down the line of some sort. The series has surprised fans before in the way it has chosen to go about a few things, but there's still no telling just what will happen next before it's all over. What do you think? Do you wish we got a proper meeting between these two heroes? Let us know all of your thoughts about it and everything My Hero Academia in the comments!