My Hero Academia Star Justin Briner Isolates Izuku's Biggest Strengths

My Hero Academia has skyrocketed in popularity as a Shonen franchise by focusing on the adventures of the students of UA Academy as they attempt to solidify their chances of becoming professional crime fighters, and the English voice actor for Midoriya, the star of the show, has lent his thoughts on what Izuku's biggest strengths are. Justin Briner has been giving us the voice of Deku since the hero premiered with the start of the anime adaptation of Kohei Horikoshi, and it doesn't seem as if he will be going anywhere soon as the series continues.

In the fifth season of the anime, Midoriya has been coming to grips with the power of One For All, coming into contact with the "Vestiges of One For All" and attempting to learn more about the strength that is currently at his fingertips. While we haven't seen Deku in action during the Joint Training Exercise as of yet, the fifth season has been building up a big confrontation between the main star of the series and the aspiring hero known as Shinso, who has a Quirk that allows him to "brainwash" his targets. With the pair of heroes battling against one another earlier in the series, this has been a rematch that is a long time in the making.

Funimation shared a brief excerpt from an interview with Deku's voice actor, Justin Briner, that takes us through the past of the inheritor of One For All and examines the idea that Midoriya has a "vast emotional maturity" and "wears his feelings on his sleeve" which definitely goes a long way in proving himself:

The fifth season of My Hero Academia is set to further explore the vast powers that Deku has yet to tap into, proving that we've only seen the tip of the iceberg when it comes to his Quirk. While Midoriya might have the strength to be one of the greatest heroes the world of UA Academy has ever seen, his personality is what really makes him shine.

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