My Hero Academia: You're Next Releases New Poster

My Hero Academia's fourth film has released a new poster as the young heroes prepare to battle Dark Might.

My Hero Academia's seventh season has started the final battle of the franchise, while the manga is exploring the "Epilogue Arc" for Class 1-A's long story. On top of these two UA Academy entries, the superhero shonen franchise is set to release its fourth film, My Hero Academia: You're Next, this August. To help hype the upcoming fight against Dark Might, the series has released a new poster that once again brings together Class 1-A to take on a very new, but surprisingly familiar, threat.

All For One has always been thought of as a dark reflection of All Might, as the one-time Symbol of Peace wielded the Quirk One For All that always stood up to the series' big bad. In the upcoming fourth film, the mysterious Dark Might is set to hit the scene who appears to be the spitting image of Toshinori Yagi and has a power level that is seemingly on the same level. At present, details surrounding the origin of this upcoming villain are shady at best, though it's clear that he is nowhere near as altruistic as the original All Might. As the franchise marches towards its end, it will be interesting to see if more movies are released following the grand finale.

My Hero Academia: You're Next Poster

So far, the My Hero Academia movies have taken place inside the main continuity of the series, and it seems that You're Next is set to do the same. If you want to learn more about the fourth movie of the franchise, here's how the official website breaks down the upcoming film, "An all-out war between the two. Izuku confronts Shigaraki Tomura, who has acquired a terrifying power, and they clash violently. Both sides suffered heavy damage, and the battle came to an end with Shigaraki's retreat, but the time for the two sides to meet again was fast approaching. In a society devastated by the effects of this all-out war, a mysterious giant fortress suddenly appeared, swallowing up towns and people one after another. Then, a man reminiscent of a "symbol of peace" stood before Izuku and his friends..."

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