Naruto Fan Shows Off Fierce Fem Kiba Cosplay

Naruto Uzumaki is one of the most iconic ninjas out there, but he is not the only shonen star out there. In fact, most of his classmates from the Hidden Leaf Village are stars in their own right, and they tend to get lots of love from cosplayers. But when one fan decided to do up Kiba with a stunning fem cosplay, we had no choice to stan.

The cosplay comes from Instagram user mariazascheid. They did a gender-bent cosplay of Kiba from Naruto and channeled the ninja's fierce personality.

The fem cosplay isn't much different from how Kiba usually looks, but a few changes have been made to his outfit. The cosplayer has their brunette hair pulled back into a tie, but some of it is pulled out in the front. The look then comes together under a puffy green coat that features a hood lined with fur.

As for the top, the cosplay includes a black crop top lined with mesh that has a deep v-neck. The shirt has long sleeves which make a sort of mesh glove, and the edgy look pairs well with low-waist pants. A black studded choker is added for good measure, and that definitely goes with Kiba and his clan's aesthetic.


Finally, the makeup brings the ninja's famed facial markings to life, and the cosplayer did up their eyes with some dramatic eyeliner. The only thing out of place in this Naruto cosplay is the upside-down headband, but the cosplayer apologized to fans for the oops. It seems they were too excited with the look to notice the mistake, and you can understand why given how good this cosplay is!

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