Boruto Writer Hypes Kawaki's First Big Fight

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations' writer is hyping Kawaki's big fight in the next episode of the series! Kawaki has been the one character fans have been waiting to see in action ever since it was confirmed the anime would be tackling the Kawaki saga with its original Vessel arc. Kawaki has already caused quite a stir in the latest string of episodes since he was formally introduced to the anime, but it seems like things are going to reach an even higher level of intensity with Kawaki's first major fight of the series coming in the next episode.

Episode 188 of the series ended with the tease that Kawaki was going to fight Garo, a member of Kara's Outers sent to retrieve him following Ao's failure, and although that's already huge enough on its own, according to the writer behind the anime series, Masaya Honda, it's going to be even bigger than fans had expected as Honda teased on Twitter that it's going to be "amazing."

Boruto Naruto Kawaki Cliffhanger
(Photo: Pierrot)

As Honda took to Twitter, the screenwriter teased Boruto's next big episode with the following, "Today's BORUTO episode 189, I'm impatient to talk about it in detail, but I've heard that the drawings are going to be amazing, so I hope you'll watch it and get excited! Please!" It seems the anime team's going to go the extra mile for Kawaki, and that should sound good to anime fans considering how important he is to the series overall.

Given his importance to Boruto and the anime as a whole, the anime making sure to make a statement with his first big fight. As for what we can expect from the fight, Episode 189 of the series is titled "Resonance" and is described as such, "The battle between Kawaki, 'the vessel' and Garo, an Outer of Kara, who's trying to bring Kawaki back has begun!"

As the synopsis continues, "Boruto and the rest are only spectators in the battle, which is between Garo, who has scientific ninja tools all over his body, and Kawaki, who uses his arms which he can alter into various shapes. As the fierce battle continues, Kawaki, who is exhausted begins to get overpowered, and gets captured. However, at that point something happens to Kawaki's body. As if by a resonance, something also happens to Boruto's body as well."


Are you ready for Kawaki's first big fight? What are you hoping to see from Boruto: Naruto Next Generations' first big episode? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!