Chilean Politician Goes Viral After Naruto Running in Congress

There is a lot going on in our world these days, and most of the headlines tend to focus on the negative. From a pandemic to a recession and beyond, it is hard to keep your focus on the brighter parts of life, but that is what one Chilean politician is trying to do. After all, one congresswoman is going viral overseas after Naruto running in Congress while the group was in session.

For those needing a bit of information, Pamela Jiles is affectionately known as the Chilean Hokage by people in Chile. Not only is the politician a fan of the anime but their looks have been compared to those of Lady Tsunade. Over on social media, Jiles has embraced her status as the Chilean Hokage, but she took it to another level as of late.

Despite the pandemic, Jiles and her coworkers brought Congress together to meet over a proposed constitutional reform. The motion was passed, and to celebrate, the woman decided it was time to channel her inner ninja. That is why Jiles began Naruto running around the Congress floor all while donning a face mask.

The picture above captures the moment, and Jiles has shared the photo on Twitter a number of times. She has also tapped into the memes which have come from her bout of running. After all, it isn't every day you see a congresswoman running, and it is even rarer to catch them doing it on the house floor.


Of course, none of these actions would have surprised the ninja of the Hidden Leaf. The Hokage is their de facto leader, and Lady Tsunade did all sorts of whacky things while holding office. After taking over for the late Third Hokage, Tsunade came in with a pension for high-risk deals and stubborn conflict resolution. She wasn't afraid to drink on the job, and her fearless attitude was polarizing too many. While most embraced the ninja, older members of the Hidden Village had they hesitations about the heroine. When it came handling a crisis, Tsunade really proved herself as she helped navigate the village's recovery following the arrival of Pain. So in light of her leadership, it would be nice to see other politicians take up Naruto running down the line.

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