Naruto Just Witnessed Its Biggest Death Yet in Boruto

Naruto Uzumaki is no stranger to death and all its relatives. Since he was a baby, death has shadowed the hero, and he has lost everyone from family to friends and allies. Now, it seems like Boruto is ready to test our hero, and it will break our hearts in the process. After all, Naruto just welcomed its biggest death to date, and fans aren't sure how the franchise will move on from here. 

So, you have been warned! There are major spoilers below for Boruto: Naruto Next Generations!

Today, the entire Naruto fandom was left stunned when the most recent chapter of Boruto went live. The update checked in on Naruto and Shikamaru as the pair clashed with Code outside of the village. They had gone out to stop Kawaki and Boruto from fighting the monster, but we all know things went south when Momoshiki took over Naruto's son. The villain promised to kill the Homage at last, but after taking back control of his body temporarily, Boruto asked for his friend to kill him and stop this madness.

And in the end, that is what Kawaki did. While Naruto did his best to stop the killing blow, Kawaki was able to land a mortal hit on Boruto. The boy is shown at the end of chapter 66 with a hole blown through his chest, and Naruto is left screaming for his son on the sidelines. As for Kawaki, the boy seems at peace with his choice, but that will not last for much longer.

After all, Boruto is dead, and we all know Naruto doesn't handle loss well. Fans are the same with such loss, but luckily, everyone is fairly confident that Boruto has more to do. This cliffhanger may have killed Boruto, but there are few things stopping a future chapter from reviving the hero as we're not sure how all Karma works. There is even the chance Naruto might give his own life to save his son right now, or Boruto could still be clinging to life despite the blow. All of these questions will be answered in Boruto chapter 67, so the February release will not be one to overlook!

What do you think of this wild Boruto cliffhanger? Do you think Naruto's son is really dead... or that Momoshiki will be bringing him back? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.