One Piece: Baki's Creator Once Tried to Draw the Straw Hats with Controversial Results

One Piece and Baki are both two of the biggest anime franchises that have arrived onto the streaming service of Netflix, but the two juggernauts of the anime world hold something in common wherein the creator of Baki Hanma tried his hand at drawing the Straw Hat Pirates to some rather insane results! While the two anime franchises don't have a lot in common, they certainly share a love of hard hitting fights and colorful characters that have helped make the Straw Hat Pirates and the friends and enemies of Baki household names within the anime community!

One Piece is set to have a big future on Netflix, not only with the early episodes of the anime landing on the streaming service, but also with a live action series set to be released to fans in North America. While there has yet to be any news regarding which actors will be portraying these live action versions of Luffy, Nami, and the rest of the Straw Hat Pirates, there has definitely been groundswell about which players will join these initial ten episodes. Recently, Baki was revealed to be returning to Netflix with its next, and potentially final, season that will see the young Hanma finally fighting his father years after their initial battle.

Twitter User Yohae Doe shared the original art work by Baki creator Keisuke Itagaki that re-imagines the Straw Hat Pirates in his buff style that helped make Baki The Grappler a fan favorite anime that focuses on some hard hitting battles that are some of the biggest in the history of anime:

The next season of Baki, titled Baki: Son of Ogre, will not only focus on the young Hanma working toward finally defeating his father, following the father and son teaming up in order to take down a team of fighters in the previous season. We doubt there will ever be an official crossover between Baki and One Piece, but considering that they currently share a home on Netflix, this is definitely one of those instances where you can say "never say never"!

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