One Piece Unveils Bounties for Mihawk, Crocodile

One Piece has kept busy since its return from a summer hiatus, and things are heating up as fans expected. Creator Eiichiro Oda is moving into their final act at long last, after all. This means the status quo is being set across the Grand Line, and that is why we've finally learned the bounties of Mihawk and Crocodile.

The whole thing was spilled in chapter 1058 of One Piece this week. It was there fans watched as Mihawk and Crocodile threatened Buggy about the Cross Guild's rumored leadership. And by the end, everyone learned Mihawk should be running the show given his bounty is the highest of the three men.

According to the World Government, Hihawk is wanted for a whopping 3.59 billion belly which is more than Luffy at this point. As for Buggy, the man is worth less than that at 3.18 billion belly since the Marines were led to believe he is the Cross Guild's leader. And when it comes to Crocodile, the man is worth a solid 1.96 billion belly to the regime.

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As you can see, the Cross Guild is worth a ton of belly, and Mihawk leads the group with his impressive bounty. In fact, when it comes to groups, the Cross Guild has the highest overall worth at nearly 9 billion belly. Yet despite his power, Mihawk is not even close to touching the World Government's highest bounty for an individual. That title still belongs to Kaido as the Beast Pirates captain is wanted for over 4.6 billion belly.

Are you surprised by this latest bounty update? Did you expect Mihawk's price to be so high? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.