One Piece Revisits Buggy in Hilarious Cliffhanger

One Piece revisits Buggy the Clown during a hilarious cliffhanger in the newest episode of the series. One Piece has premiered its first episode of the new year, and updated fans on the state of the world before heading back into the events of the Wano Country arc. Fans were treated to the Reverie mini-arc beforehand that revealed the World Government's leaders were meeting together to make some decisions, and the results of that meeting were finally revealed with the newest episode of the anime. As expected, there has been a massive shake up to the status quo.

It was confirmed during Episode 957 of the anime that those at the Reverie decided to completely dissolve the Seven Warlords System. This meant that the protections garnered for the warlords by the government were rendered null and void, and thus the marines immediately moved in on them for their arrest. As we see from Buggy's camp at the end of the episode, however, naturally he's against the idea.

Completely throwing the balance of the world out of whack, the world government had decided to end the Seven Warlords system. While the line up no longer contains the full seven, the four still active out there had received the news towards the end of Episode 957. This meant we got to briefly reunite with Boa Hancock, Hawkeye Mihawk, Edward Weevil, and of course, Buggy the Clown.

One Piece Buggy Seven Warlords System Ends Cliffhanger Reverie Wano Anime
(Photo: Toei Animation)

Knowing what we know about how Buggy essentially conned his way into the role, his hilarious reaction to the news is all the funnier. Ranting about how it's unfair that the rest of the warlords are punished because the marines were tricked by Crocodile and Doflamingo, his reaction to the news perfectly contrasts to the confident response shown by the other three powers.


But throwing himself more into the false bravado that got him to this position in the first place, he urges the rest of his crew to fight in a flashy way. All the while, he's really only worried about himself as it's not how he imagined the way his life would go. Continuing his schemes, the episode ends with Buggy trying to find a way to escape from being surrounded in the midst of the chaos, and it's a funny new look at how the rest of the world will change once Luffy and the others exit Wano.

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