One Piece Cliffhanger Teases Luffy's Temper Towards the Beasts Pirates

One Piece's big battle for Wano is finally going to kick off in full against the Beasts Pirates, and the latest chapter cliffhanger teased that Luffy's temper is about to explode. Luffy and the rebels have successfully made their way onto Kaido's home island of Onigashima and have begun preparing themselves for the final attack against the Beasts Pirates forces. While the rebels are sneaking around through the island to avoid getting caught, Luffy on the other hand is one step away from blowing the lid off the whole operation at the end of the latest chapter.

Chapter 979 of the series sees Luffy making his way, alone, through a crowd of partying Beasts Pirates as he chases after Eustass Kid and his crew, but when he overhears a few of them trashing the very food O-Tama cried over when she got to eat it on her birthday, Luffy's temper flared dramatically.

Jimbei learned that the Straw Hats were concerned to hear Luffy and Zoro went off by themselves, and this is exactly what they were afraid of. Luffy has seen quite a lot since coming to Wano. Meeting the young O-Tama opened up his eyes to the real struggle for Wano's citizens, and that's been fueling his rage against Kaido ever since. They've been starving this entire time while the Beasts Pirates live like royalty.

One Piece Luffy Temper Beasts Pirates
(Photo: Shueisha)

Seeing these pirates not only insult the Oshiruko that O-Tama cried over when getting to try in on her birthday, but throw it on the ground is sending Luffy into a rage. They even mention that it should be thrown onto the ground in the Leftovers region because those people would just suck it up straight from the ground.


With O-Tama clearly flashing through his mind, Chapter 979 ends with a fierce angry look on Luffy's face. Despite his new disguise and the efforts others are going through to sneak their way to Kaido, there's a good chance that Luffy is going to throw a huge punch and finally get the big war in motion.

What do you think? Do you think Luffy's going to take action? Will he be able to hold him back this time? Are you excited to finally see this war get into full swing after three acts of build up? How do you think it will all go? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or talk to me directly about all things anime and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!