One Piece Fan Pieces Together the Perfect Going Merry LEGO

One Piece might feature more than a few fights between those who have chowed down on Devil Fruit, but the story is one of the swashbucklers through and through, with the Straw Hats still sailing the Grand Line in order to make Luffy the King of the Pirates. While One Piece has never released an official LEGO build, one fan has looked to change that by recreating the first ship of Luffy and his crew, the Going Merry, by using the well-known blocks. 

Luffy acquired the Going Merry shortly after running into Usopp, with the long-nosed pirate spinning a tail of pirates on the island on which he resided. While the ship was able to carry the Straw Hat Pirates for quite a few adventures, it ultimately met its end during the Enies Lobby Arc, with Luffy and his crew giving the Going Merry a viking funeral in which they sunk it into the sea after setting it aflame. Luckily, the Straw Hats were able to continue their quest with a new ship in the Thousand Sunny, which remains their conveyance of choice well into the Wano Arc.

A Reddit Builder shared their unique take on the Going Merry which was the only way that Luffy and his crew of Straw Hat Pirates was able to sail across the Grand Line for quite some time as Monkey attempted to become the king of the pirates in the same vein as Gol D. Roger before him:

Update 13 of building the going merry ou of LEGO. Finally finished the model, so happy, and made a video on YouTube about it from OnePiece

Recently, the Going Merry has been spotted in the real world, with Netflix currently working on a live-action adaptation of the story of One Piece. With the upcoming series set to adapt the earliest stories created by Eiichiro Oda, it definitely has filled fans of the series with confidence that the mangaka himself is working as an executive producer on the series. 


Recently, One Piece startled fans with an image of the Thousand Sunny sharing a similar fate as its predecessor, sinking beneath the sea, though it ultimately turned out to be a preview for the upcoming game One Piece: Odyssey. While it isn't known as to whether the Straw Hats will lose the ship in the role-playing adventure, it seems that Luffy and company are in for another wild journey when the video game lands later this year.