One Piece Shows How Wild Gear Fifth Can Be

One Piece has revealed just how wild Luffy's Gear Fifth form really is with the newest chapter of the series! The fight between Luffy and Kaido on the roof of the Skull Dome has taken a dramatically wilder turn than any fans could have really expected as following Luffy taken what seemed like a lethal blow, the fight is literally kicking into a new gear. Luffy has officially awakened the true power of his Devil Fruit and with it has unlocked a brand new form that he has dubbed as "Gear Five." Now fans are starting to see just what kind of form this really is.

After Kaido had struck Luffy for what he thought was the final time, Luffy had officially awakened the power of his Devil Fruit. It was revealed to not actually be the Gum-Gum Fruit at all, but instead a mythical godly type of power that directly connected him with Nika the Sun God from legend. Now as Luffy begins to unleash this new power at his disposal, the newest chapter of the series is showing off just how versatile of a fighter he has truly become as he easily bats off Kaido's strongest moves. 

(Photo: Shueisha)

Chapter 1045 of One Piece sees Kaido noting that Luffy has awakened his Devil Fruit and is seemingly making everything around him just as rubbery as he is, but it soon becomes clear that it's a little more complicated that that. Luffy's body is now moving more cartoonishly than ever before as he's now able to warp his form in any way he can think of in the moment. He's not really strategizing, but instead is doing literally whatever physics defying thing he can think of such as entering Kaido's body only to escape through Kaido's eyes

It's a power that's also getting to everything around him as well as not only can his eyes pop out of his head, but Kaido and other pirates who spot him can do the same as well. It's an ability that's both in his control and not at the same time, and it will be quite interesting to see how he continues to develop Gear Fifth further into something he can use as a real weapon in the midst of future battles in the series


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