One Piece Art Reimagines Katakuri with a Fem Spin

One Piece has kept its focus on Wano as of late, but fans haven't forgotten the quest Luffy [...]

One Piece has kept its focus on Wano as of late, but fans haven't forgotten the quest Luffy endured during his travels on Whole Cake Island. The adventure tracked the hero as he and his team took on Big Mom to rescue Sanji from a deadly marriage. Of course, the previous arc sits well with fans given its debut of Katakuri, and one artist has given a new take on the infamous villain.

Over on Reddit, the artist XraynPR shared a look at their fem version of Katakuri with One Piece fans. The artist decided to imagine how the Big Mom commander would appear as a woman, and the makeover suits the terrifying fighter rather well.

You can check out the full piece below to see it for yourself. The poster gives Katakuri a head-to-toe makeover while keeping some of his usual look intact. For instance, the pants worn by Fem!Katakuri are just like the one in the anime, and they are rocking a similar vest.

I drew a female version of Katakuri from r/OnePiece

The biggest difference comes in the top as it has been relegated to a plunging bikini or bralette. The piece pairs well with Fem!Katakuri as it blends into their pink tattoos. Finally, the updated heroine is rocking a short pink hairdo that parts off-center for an edgy look.

The artist also updated fans with two more drawings of Fem!Katakuri. One portrait gives the fan-made heroine a scarf to cover their sewn mouth. The other pair the girl with a bulky jacket much like the one shown in the anime. This version of Katakuri rocks each look, and she does so with a fierceness Big Mom can never command.

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