One Piece Reveals Momonosuke's Greatest Kozuki Moment Yet

When we were first introduced to the timid Momonosuke, he ended up asking for help from Luffy and the others to take his home of Wano back from Kaido and Shogun Orochi. He's been frightened by the situation, especially ever since he sacrificed himself to go along with Kanjuro while Luffy and the others went ahead with their plan to take on Kaido at Onigashima. But as he's being prepped for a public execution to officially begin Kaido's new Onigashima project, Momonosuke has his greatest Kozuki Clan moment yet as he reaffirms his place as the head of the former clan.

As Kaido celebrates the fact that Wano no longer has a shogun or warriors to serve them, he bugs Momonosuke about their first meeting. It's been bothering him for 20 years that the young Momonosuke never answered whether or not he was truly Oden's son following their first intense meeting. He even says he'll let Momonosuke go if this is not the case, but that's where the young Shogun to be makes his stand.

Kaido asks for Momonosuke's name with the promise of an apology and freedom should he say he's not related to Oden and his mother Toki, with some of Kaido's forces thinking he the young Kozuki could even lie and save his life that way. But as he thinks about the decision, he sees the face of his mother, Luffy, and even his father talk about their futures and their hopes for his own big future. And Momonosuke digs into himself and re-affirms that he truly is Momonosuke Kozuki.

One Piece Momonosuke Kozuki Moment Scene Manga Spoilers
(Photo: Shueisha)

He declares to Kaido and all of his forces that he will be the shogun of Wano, and begins to cry almost immediately. He panics immediately after about how he doesn't want to cry because it'll shame him in front of others, about how he wants to see his sister again, and how ultimately he wanted to be a man who could face his parents well in the afterlife. But as he makes his declaration, the Akazaya Nine are fueled by their Shogun's cries.


Beginning the raid against Kaido, Momonosuke's declaration here is the final burst of spirit needed to kick off the war for Wano in full. How do you think the raid will go from here? Will Momonosuke be saved from his execution in time? Will he succeed in becoming the future Shogun? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!