Netflix's One Piece Star Reveals How Much Sanji Took Out of Their Body

Netflix is all-in when it comes to the live-action anime adaptation game, with One Piece being a major example of a television series on the horizon. With filming having wrapped on the first season of this long-awaited series, it would seem that the actor who portrayed the Straw Hat Pirates' Chef, Sanji, has taken some lumps during production as a recent Instagram story shows how far Taz Skylar is going to heal from his bumps and bruises. 

While Sanji might be one of the greatest chefs in the Grand Line, the member of the Straw Hat Pirates also is an adept fighter who lets his legs do the talking when it comes to the epic battles taking place in One Piece. Each of the Straw Hats has their own dream, with Luffy attempting to become the next great king of the pirates, and while Sanji is aiding the Straw Hat Captain in achieving his dream, he also has one of his own that involves the All Blue. Touted as a legendary locale with aquatic life unlike anywhere else in the world, Sanji is hoping to discover the All Blue in order to make some delicious dishes thanks to the fish that travel through its waters. 

Recently, Taz Skylar shared a "story" on his Instagram Account with several acupuncture needles in his leg following his time as Sanji in the filming of Netflix's live-action One Piece series, with the young actor posting videos in the past of the training he underwent to make sure he could kick as high as the Straw Hats' chef:

A release date has yet to be revealed for the long-awaited One Piece Netflix series, though with filming now wrapped, perhaps anime fans will get word sooner rather than later. The streaming service isn't just stopping with One Piece, however, as live-action adaptations are on the way for the likes of Yu Yu Hakusho, Mobile Suit: Gundam, and Death Note to name a few.

Aside from Taz Skylar, the live-action Straw Hat Pirates will be Iñaki Godoy as Monkey D. Luffy, Mackenyu as Roronoa Zoro, Emily Rudd as Nami, and Jacob Romero Gibson as Usopp.

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