Netflix's One Piece: Nami Actress Details First Day on Set in New Photos

Netflix has kept its eye on anime for a few years now, and the service has no plans to alter course. The investment has paid off as anime has shot up in popularity globally, and live-action adaptations working their way through Hollywood. Now, Netflix is working on its most ambitious project yet with One Piece, and the actress behind Nami is highlighting her arrival on set with some new photos.

The update comes from Instagram courtesy of Emily Rudd. The star was announced as part of One Piece's cast last year, and she will bring Nami to life. Of course, her leading role has put a ton of expectations on Rudd, but she has handled the pressure gracefully online. And now, fans are excited to see how the actress is faring on set.

As you can see above, Rudd posted several photos to Instagram showing a snippet of her time on set. It turns out her first day is done, and Rudd captioned the photos as "pinch me" in disbelief. Her set photos were echoed by several others online as crew members on One Piece hyped their own arrival. So at last, it seems Netflix's production has set sail.

At this time, fans have no idea when i will finish production or how long filming will go on. Rudd said her first day on set is complete, and other crew teasers suggest Netflix's project just got underway. This means it could be a while before any footage is ready to show fans. But in the meantime, they have Avatar: The Last Airbender to look forward to. The live-action series is already well into production in Canada, and fans are hoping the series debuts before 2022 ends.

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