One Piece Reveals New Four Emperors Following Wano

One Piece's Wano Country arc was the longest and most monumental in the series to date, and following its massive battles the series has officially revealed a new set of four Emperors of the Sea with the newest chapter of the series! Series creator Eiichiro Oda announced that the series will be kicking off its final saga after a month long break, and that means that the newest chapter of the series will be that much more important than ever as it helps set the stage for the future of the series to come. And it's already looking like a huge future.

With the recent chapters of the manga exploring the immediate aftermath of the fights on Onigashima, there have been many questions raised about what its events will mean for the rest of the world. Luffy (and fans of the series) have been stuck on the isolated island for quite some time, and it turns out that the pirates' actions there have had just as much of an impact on the rest of the world as it did for the island itself. But they weren't the only ones doing big things, and now that's especially true with the reveals of new Emperors. 

Warning! Massive spoilers for One Piece Chapter 1053 below! 

Chapter 1053 of One Piece follows up on the tease that Luffy, Kid, and Law's bounties have changed significantly as it was reported that Big Mom and Kaido were defeated in Wano. This not only led to new photos for each of their bounty posters, but they were also raised to three billion berries each. For Luffy, his bounty had been doubled since Whole Cake Island and after already being called the Fifth Emperor following that arc, he's now been promoted to the real thing as the chapter comes to an end. 

It's confirmed that Luffy has become one of the new Emperors replacing Kaido and Big Mom, but instead of Kid or Law potentially getting the other empty slot, it's revealed that Buggy actually somehow claimed the title as well. When we had last seen him, he was panicking over the fact that the Marines were after him following the dissolution of the Seven Warlords system during Reverie, but it seems he's somehow failed his scammed to the top once more. 

That just teases even more what kind of a wild world the seas have turned into while Luffy has been focused on Wano, but what do you think? How do you feel about the new Four Emperors line up? Curious to see what Buggy did to get his claim to one of the biggest titles of the seas? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!