One Piece's Ian Sinclair and Mike McFarland Talk Strong World's Theatrical Release, Episode 1000 Milestone (Exclusive)

One Piece's ADR Director Mike McFarland and star behind the series, Ian Sinclair, opened up about One Piece: Strong World's theatrical release in celebration for the anime's massive 1,000 episode milestone! As part of the huge celebration for the anime's monumental moment coming in just a few weeks, Funimation and Toei Animation are going all in for the series with some fun celebratory releases leading up to the game-changing premiere. One of these is the theatrical release of One Piece: Strong World, a first theatrical release for fans in North America. 

So it's not only a huge occasion for fans keeping up with the original Japanese language release, but for fans of the dub as well. Toei Animation spoke with ADR Director Mike McFarland and the voice behind Brook, Ian Sinclair, about the anime's coming milestones during New York Comic Con and has shared it exclusively with fans through You can check out the fun interview in anticipation of One Piece: Strong World and One Piece Episode 1,000 in the video above! 

(Photo: Toei Animation)

As for McFarland, he revealed that while they are continuing to work on the English dub of the series (which recently wrapped up the final episodes of the Dressrosa arc), it's still mindblowing to see that the show itself has reached such a massive milestone, "It's a cool, it's a milestone, a monumental thing. We're working our way through the dub, but it's so neat that the show itself has made a thousand episodes. That's crazy." As for Sinclair, it's a pretty emotional moment since Strong World was the very first thing he portrayed Brook in. 

"I showed up in Thriller Bark, but the first thing I recorded is Strong World, which we're going to be re-releasing in theaters," Sinclair began. "Thats its own, wonderful milestone that we get to go back to that. For me it's a very personal one because it's the first one I ever dubbed as Brook." It was a first for many fans of the dub too as soon they'll finally be able to get their chance to see the film in theaters. 

One Piece: Strong World releases in theaters in North America on November 7th (English subbed) and November 9th (English dubbed), and One Piece Episode 1,000 is scheduled to debut with Funimation on November 20th. Will you be tuning into these new One Piece releases? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!