One-Punch Man Artist Shares Chapter 156 Update

One-Punch Man has become a hit among anime fans thanks in part to telling the hilarious story of Saitama and how his slight workout regiment helped to make him the most powerful being in the universe. Though no creature has come close to defeating the hero for fun in one-on-one combat, that hasn't stopped fans from following the story of the Hero Association and it seems that the next chapter of the manga is coming close to hitting the stands. 

It's been over two years since One-Punch Man's second season came to a close and there's been no news regarding the anime's return to the small screen, though many fans are left wondering if the backlash to JC Staff's work on the series will usher in a return of Madhouse or perhaps give a new animation studio a chance to take a crack at Saitama. With Sony Pictures also working on a live-action movie that will bring the surreal and hilarious adventures created by ONE to life, the future still seems bright for the Hero Association despite a return of its anime being in question.

Yusuke Murata shared a big update as to the status of the 156th chapter of One-Punch Man, that the upcoming installment has been completed and is ready to be printed, which will further explore the life of Saitama and the members of the Hero Association as they attempt to take down the nefarious band of monsters threatening the world:

If you haven't been following the latest exploits of Saitama in the manga, the One-Punch Man has been joined by a top-tier hero, Flashy Flash, as they both battle against the forces of the Monster Association and Garou, with the latter gaining a slick new power-up that has brought him closer to becoming a beast than ever before. Though Saitama is currently watching over Genos, who has lost his arms and legs as a result of his latest battles, it will be interesting to see if Garou will finally manage to become something of a challenge to the protagonist who has been unbeatable to this date. 

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