One-Punch Man Finally Challenges Saitama With Real Fight

One-Punch Man has seemingly finally given Saitama a fight he can't end with a single punch with the newest chapter of the series! While the main comedic draw of the series is seeing how Saitama easily disposes of many of the series' monstrous foes over the course of its run so far, there have been a few times where the hero has been able to tap into some semblance of his strength. But he's always dreamed of a fight where he could potentially let loose, and the climax of the Human Monster saga has brought this opportunity directly to him.

The previous chapter of Viz Media's official English language release for One-Punch Man had completely rewritten what came before as while the series originally teased that Saitama and Garou would come to an understanding rather than fighting it out, the previous chapter now kicked their fight into high gear as Garou is now at a godly level of strength. As demonstrated with the newest chapter of the series, Garou has become such a strong being that he's even got Saitama struggling to figure out a proper counterattack. 

(Photo: Shueisha)

Chapter 163 of One-Punch Man kicks off shortly after Garou unlocks a "Cosmic Fear Mode" that grants him power from the godly entity we have seen teased through the Monster Association Saga thus far. This evil entity quickly takes over Garou's body and unleashes a slew of attacks that even takes Saitama by surprise. He's been given nuclear energy power ups to his punches, and can even copy Saitama's moves completely as Saitama then ends up on the back foot noting that he even got a "scratch" in the process. 

Naturally it's still far from taking out Saitama, nor is this fight likely going to give him the challenge he's really hoped for, but it's the closest thing to a worthy opponent that Saitama has had in the series to date. In fact, Garou's nuclear blasts manage to overwhelm Saitama before the chapter comes to an end. The rest of the heroes will hve to deal with this new Garou until Saitama gets back to the fight, and Garou's technically taken several punches from the hero already, so now we'll see even more of Saitama's inner strengths to overcome it. 

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