One-Punch Man Artist Shares Special Attack on Titan Tribute

One-Punch Man's Yusuke Murata shared a hilarious take on Attack on Titan and Eyeshield 21!

Yusuke Murata, artist behind One-Punch Man, Eyeshield 21 and more, has shared a cool tribute to Attack on Titan in a rather unexpected way! It's been a huge milestone for Murata as while the artist might be more well known for their work translating ONE's original webcomic into the highly successful One-Punch Man manga, Murata is one of the more notable artists that's ever run in the pages of Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump magazine. A lot of this success began with the release of Eyeshield 21 (written by Dr. Stone writer Riichiro Inagaki) years ago. 

Eyeshield 21 first hit the pages of Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump magazine in 2002, and ran for seven years before it wrapped up its run with over 300 chapters. In celebration of the manga's milestone 21st Anniversary, Eyeshield 21 has come back with a special new art book featuring special messages and arts from all sorts of creators. But this also goes the other way as well as Murata has shared a special Attack on Titan tribute combining together with Eyeshield 21 to make for one heck of a football game. Check it out below: 

What Is Eyeshield 21? 

Originally written by Riichiro Inagaki (who went on to create Dr. Stone) with art from Yusuke Murata (the artist behind One-Punch Man), Eyeshield 21 is a little tough to check out the manga's run. There are physical volumes of the manga currently available on shelves as licensed by Viz Media, but there's currently no way to legally catch up with it online. Thankfully, you can still check out Eyeshield 21's anime adaptation now streaming with Crunchyroll. 

The first volume of the Eyeshield 21 manga is teased as such, "What does a wimpy kid who's been bullied all his life have to depend on but his own two feet? Sena Kobayakawa is about to start his first year in high school and he's vowed not to get picked on anymore. Unfortunately, the sadistic captain of the football team already has his eye on Sena and his lightning-fast speed."

As for One-Punch Man, Season 3 of the anime is now in the works, but has yet to announce a release window or date as of the time of this publication for the new episodes. J.C. Staff will be returning from Season 2 to handle the animation production with Chikashi Kubota returning to design the characters together with Shinjiro Kuroda and Ryosuka Shirakawa, Tomohiro Suzuki will be handling series composition, and Makoto Miyazaki will be composing the music.