Pokemon Star Teases Ash's New Goal After His Biggest Win Yet

Pokemon is having quite the fall as it seems the series is everywhere you look online. If fans aren't geeking over its upcoming game, they are most definitely buzzing about Ash Ketchum. After all, the anime just saw Ash reach his dream of becoming the world's strongest trainer. His goal was reached just recently as Ash defeated Leon to become the world's Pokemon Master, but one star believes there is more for Ash to realize with his dream.

The comment comes straight from Japan as actress Rica Matsumoto addressed Ash's big win in a new letter. It was there the star, who has voiced Ash overseas since the start, admitted the boy has yet to become a true Pokemon Master despite his big win.

Matsumoto's Letter Explained

In her letter, Matsumoto is undoubtedly proud of Ash for his win, but she isn't convinced the victory marks the end of his journey. "Although Satoshi [Ash] has won the title of Strongest Pokemon Trainer, he has still not become the Pokemon Master of his dreams," she shared in a statement to Oricon.

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"It's been 15 years since I began playing Satoshi, and he's worked hard during this battle. The children who watched the first broadcast in 1997 have grown up and I think that some people have moved away from the anime. He's one step away from becoming the strongest in the world of Pokemon. Kids and adults alike, please support Ash!"

Of course, Matsumoto's comment has fans riled up as there are few people who know the character like she does. If she thinks Ash has more to do to reach his dream, then that must be the case. Now, the question remains what else must Ash do to become the master he dreams of being. So if you thought the boy's run with Pokemon was done, you should think again...!