Pokemon Journeys Crowns the Winner of Iris vs. Cynthia Battle

Pokemon Journeys is working its way through the Masters Tournament quarterfinals with its latest slate of episodes airing overseas, and the newest episode has settled the match between Iris and Cynthia in the third match up! The Masters Tournament of the World Coronation Series has seen a number of major regional champions face off against one another already, and things are heating up with the third match of the quarterfinals. This match saw two of the major Dragon trainers, Unova Champion Iris (who was ranked seventh in the tournament) and Sinnoh Champion Cynthia (who was ranked second), and ultimately a winner had to be chosen.

The previous episode of the series airing in Japan kicked off the battle between Cynthia and Iris as it revealed that the two of them had chosen Gastrodon and Excadrill respectively, and the newest episode of the series sees their battle play out in full as both of them were worn down to their final Pokemon each. With one explosive Dragon type battle with each of their respective aces, Garchomp and Haxorus, and ultimately it ended with Cynthia's victory. Meaning Cynthia now moves on to the semifinals while Iris' World Coronation Series' journey ends here. 

Episode 117 of Pokemon Journeys recently aired in Japan, and with it saw Iris putting up her best effort against Cynthia. She reflects on the fact that Cynthia has taught her so much over the years since they first interacted during the events of the Black and White anime series, and it comes full circle as Iris ultimately works Cynthia down to the point where she needs to use her trust Garchomp in battle. But it's just as fierce (and in some ways even more fearsome) than fans have ever seen from it before. Iris refused to back down, however. 

But despite all of her efforts, it was not enough for Iris to defeat Cynthia at the end of the day. That means Cynthia will now be facing off against either Steven Stone or Ash Ketchum himself in the semifinals as the Masters Tournament continues to ramp up. Cynthia vs. Ash is something fans have wanted to see for quite a while, and now we're one step closer to actually seeing it all go down. 

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