Pokemon and Digimon Swap with Viral Charizard Artwork

Pokemon and Digimon have swapped worlds with some viral Charizard and Greymon artwork! The two monster franchises could not be more different than one another, but have gone hand in hand for quite some time. Digimon often distinguishes itself from the Pokemon franchise for adding tons of small detail to its monster designs, and this magnifies even further through evolution. On the other hand, Pokemon has been so appealing for years because of the base seeming simplicity found in its monsters. But because they are so close to one another, it's fairly easy for them to crossover.

RJ Palmer, who has previously contributed to the live-action Pokemon designs found in Pokemon: Detective Pikachu, has gone viral with fans of both franchises for imagining what it would look like if Charizard and Greymon came from the other side of the fence. With a cool makeover for both fiery dinosaur monsters, fans have definitely clung to the idea of what a full crossover between the two worlds could look like! Check it out below:

Both franchises are just as fruitful these days as they were when they both debuted, and both are currently in the midst of brand new anime seasons. Funny enough, both franchises are also in a type of anime that reboots previous adventures. The newest Pokemon anime, Pokemon Journeys, has been shaking up the franchise by revisiting older regions and battles rather than just exploring the newest region introduced in the newest games.

It's a bit more of a direct reboot for the Digimon franchise, however, as the newest anime has actually returned to the very first series. Showing off a much different take on the adventure for the original eight DigiDestined, the newest rebooted anime has been filled with tons of powerful allies and foes that were never seen in that first series. It's even getting ready to launch into a huge new arc next.

But what do you think? Did you grow up as more of a Pokemon fan or Digimon fan? Are you wondering to see how the two series will continue to distinguish themselves from one another? What kind of crossover game or anime would be as a result of fusing these worlds together? Let us know your thoughts all about it in the comments!