Pokemon: Gen 9 Has Been Gifted the Best JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Crossover

It wasn't long ago that Pokemon broke the Internet with its reveal of Gen 9. Following the release of Pokemon Sword and Shield, a new generation is coming to the IP, and we have learned which starters will lead Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. It turns out these newcomers are downright adorable, so naturally, the Water-type had to take things to the next level when one artist debuted their JoJo's Bizarre Adventure makeover.

As you can see below, the work came from Twitter user dietnoods. It was there they gave Quaxly a makeover suiting Josuke, and we're pretty much obsessed with the whole thing.

The piece plays off Quaxly and his pompadour hairdo. While Pokemon is most certainly pushing the look to mimic a hat, it would easily turn into Josuke's hairstyle with a bit of work. As you tell, dietnoods has given Quaxly some purple flippers, edgy eyebrows, and a heart-shaped mold on its chest. All of these changes turn Quaxly into a regular Stand user, and fans are down to welcome the starter into the JoJo flock.

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Of course, fans will be eager to carry Quaxly into the JoJo fandom as their evolutions come to light. For now, however, fans can expect The Pokemon Company to keep quiet about its Gen 9 title. Its big reveal was made the other day, and we know Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will go live late this year. Pokemon will hold its cards close to the chest until a new marketing cycle dishes out new details. And when it does, fans will learn just how bizarre Quaxly really is.

What do you think of this cute Pokemon crossover? Which other JoJo heroes need their own Pokemon mirrors? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB!