Pokemon is Going Viral Over One Fan's Life-size Charizard Cosplay

When it comes to Pokemon, there are few greater monsters out there than Charizard. The beast might not be the strongest or fastest in the franchise, but the fire-type comes with all the nostalgia. This is why Charizard has blown up in a big way this year, and now, one fan is going viral for their life-size take on the beast.

The fan in question comes from TikTok, and we have littlejem4 to thank. The cosplayer, who details their craftsmanship online, decided to take netizens on a ride with their latest project. The UK-based cosplayer is making a life-sized suit of Charizard, and it is going to be a beaut.


before anyone says it haha I'm building Ashes charizard ❤ ##charizard ##tiktokcosplay ##cosplay ##pokemon

♬ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys - Kevin MacLeod

The whole adventure began earlier this year, and littlejem4 has made serious progress. As you can see above (as well as here on their page), the Charizard piece has come a long way. Most of the body has been made from carved foam at this point, and the neck was done recently along with the head.

Of course, Charizard looks best at the top, and that is thanks to littlejem4 going the extra mile. The cosplayer not only added fabric to line the inside of Charizard's mouth, but they went so far as to code animated eyes even though they didn't work out. A pair of hand-painted eyes fit the monster much better, and some custom LED programs were added to light up Charizard's mouth. The program pairs with a fog machine to make it appear like steam is coming from the Pokemon, so you can see why millions of users are obsessed with this DIY piece.


What do you think of this life-sized project? Which other Pokemon need this sort of treatment? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.