Pokemon Promo Shows How Psyduck Is Recorded Behind the Scenes

Pokemon Journeys has introduced both Ash and Goh to some of the biggest, most powerful catches to add to their rosters that either trainer has ever encountered, with the latter even adding the Legendary Pokemon Suicune to his ranks, but a behind the scenes view at the creation of the anime brings back one of the weaker pocket monsters in Psyduck. With the avian Pokemon normally being more of a headache than a help when it comes to the dynamic battles of the series, voice actor Yuriyan Retriever gave fans an idea of how they record one of the funniest characters of the franchise.

Psyduck, thanks in part to his brain-dead mannerisms, has become one of the most popular pocket monsters, first introduced in the First Generation of the franchise that initially launched via the Nintendo Gameboy games of Pokemon Red and Pokemon Blue. So popular did this Pokemon become in fact, that it was included in the recent live-action feature-length film of Pokemon: Detective Pikachu, wherein the bumbling Pokemon was given a makeover and caused the characters more than a few headaches on their journey to solve a mystery that rattled the world of pocket monsters to its very core.

Twitter User Anipoke Fandom shared this behind the scenes look at a recent episode of Pokemon Journeys, wherein Yuriyan Retriever gave Psyduck his voice as the befuddled mallard attempted to stay warm, with the voice actor going to some lengths to convey the pocket monster's predicament:

Though we doubt that either Ash or Goh will be using a Psyduck in their continuing battles to defeat challengers and the biggest trainers of the Galar Region, we definitely foresee the hilarious monster continuing to have a presence down the line for the popular anime franchise. A sequel to Detective Pikachu has also yet to receive a release date or promotional material, but we would have to imagine that Psyduck would be a shoo-in to return considering the success of both it and the movie itself.

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