Adult Swim Announces Rick And Morty Marathon

2021 was a big year for Rick And Morty, with its fifth season coming to a close and changing the world of the Smith family forever in the process, but it seems as though the Adult Swim series is looking to end things with a bang. The night before Christmas, Rick And Morty will have a marathon on Cartoon Network which will take a number of episodes from the surreal series and once again let viewers dive into the world of the grandfather/grandson team on their countless adventures.    

The finale of Rick And Morty's fifth season was an interesting one, seeing the plans of "Evil Morty," the alternate version of the youngest member of the Smith Clan, come to fruition. With the Citadel and the Council of Ricks being destroyed as a result of the clash between our heroes and this alternate reality version of Morty, the future of the series has changed significantly, especially with Evil Morty making his way outside of the reality we know. Needless to say, this is definitely a plot point that we're expecting to be touched upon in the next season of the wildly popular animated series.

Twitter Outlet Swimpedia shared the news that a Rick And Morty marathon will be taking place on Cartoon Network on the night before Christmas, December 24th, which will feature a large smattering of installments from across the many seasons of the animated show including the likes of Pickle Rick, Anatomy Park, Total Rickall, and Morty's Mind Blowers to name a few.

The fifth season of Rick And Morty is now available on Blu-Ray, DVD, and digitally, letting fans revisit the latest episodes as Adult Swim fans await news on the arrival of the sixth season, which has some big storylines to tackle based on what recently happened in the series. On top of the next season, Rick And Morty has already been confirmed to return for a Season 7, proving just how popular the Cartoon Network show has become since first premiering years ago. 

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