Rick and Morty Brings in Bernie Sanders for a Timely Meme

Rick And Morty fans are waiting to see when the fifth season will arrive on Adult Swim, continuing the strange journey of the mad scientist and his grandson as they bounce around the galaxy and get involved in surreal adventures, and a hilarious meme has come into being that incorporate Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders and his latest appearance at the Inauguration! The animated series has easily become the most popular franchise that has landed on this programming block of Cartoon Network, and has several future seasons confirmed for the series that has definitely earned its place as a fan favorite!

Season Four of the beloved series ended with Rick coming to terms with the impact his adventures, and personality, has on the Smith family, specifically when it came to his decision to clone his daughter Beth and not reveal which two versions of his offspring was the real one. Rich Sanchez has always been an interesting, albeit deeply disturbed, character in the series, clearly suffering from emotional problems throughout each season of the Adult Swim hit. Though we have gotten a preview into one of the events that will be taking place in Rick And Morty's fifth season, the upcoming adventures are still steeped in mystery before the animated franchise's return!

Adult Swim shared this hilarious new meme via their Official Twitter Account that brings the Senator from Vermont into the world of the Smith Family, taking the reins of Rick's spaceship to travel on an adventure with Morty as he sports his winter attire:

Rick And Morty originally hit Adult Swim in 2013, created by Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland and ascending the top of the ladder when it comes to animated series airing on Cartoon Network. The programming block has released a number of original series such as Primal, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Metalocalypse, Ventures Bros, and too many others to count. Though we don't know when exactly the fifth season will hit, we know there are more than a few fans who are counting down the days to see the hilarious new and surreal adventures of the space hopping Rick Sanchez and Morty Smith!

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