Rick and Morty Takes Shot at Warner Bros. Discovery in Newest Episode

Rick and Morty took a surprising shot at Warner Bros. Discovery with the newest episode of the series! Season 6 of the Adult Swim animated series got off to an explosive start when the series revealed some major things about the past and teased some huge developments for the future of the series. This continued with the third episode of the season as it continued to flesh out the major status quo change of fully bringing Space Beth into the picture following the premiere, but even with all of that there's still plenty of time for the series' fourth wall breaking jokes. 

Episode 3 of the sixth season has been dubbed one of the series' oddest yet among Rick and Morty fans thus far, but it was especially tough for Morty, Rick, and Summer as they had to deal with the fact that both of the Beths had become romantically linked with one another. Spending the entire episode trying to ignore it, the three of them do what they can to fully try and drown out the idea of such a connection. This all leads to a very awkward moment at the Thanksgiving dinner table later as Morty ends up giving thanks for the Discovery Channel when he can't think of anything else. 

(Photo: Adult Swim)

Towards the end of Rick and Morty Season 6 Episode 3, "Bethic Twinstinct," Jerry ends up involved in the romantic entanglements of the two Beths and they each have a loud and very awkward scene while Rick, Morty, and Summer are forced to sit through it at the dinner table. Because the portal gun is still not working following the events of the fifth season, they couldn't just out right escape and thus tried to power through by pretending everything was okay and saying their thanks for the holiday. 

Summer then says she's thankful for "water," and Morty struggles to find something until he says "Why? Why? Discovery Channel, why?" It's hilariously crammed into the awkward scene, but also reads like a thinly veiled version of Morty asking "why" towards the channel that famously merged with Warner Bros. not too long ago. It wouldn't be the first time Rick and Morty snuck a shot like this one in, and probably not the last by any means. 

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