Spy x Family Season One: Here's What You Need To Know

Spy x Family is set to be one of the biggest anime of this year's spring season, with the series focusing on a rather unique family unit that combines action with some hilarity along the way. The anime adaptation is only a few days from making landfall, but there is plenty to know before viewers dive into the story of Twilight and his faux family for the first time, as the series has gained quite the following thanks to its heart-pounding manga series.       

The upcoming first season is set to be produced by two juggernauts of the anime business, with Wit Studio and Cloverworks combining their forces to bring the story of Twilight and his faux family to life. With Wit being responsible for the first three seasons of Attack on Titan and the recently praised Ranking of Kings, and Cloverworks responsible for the likes of My Dress-Up Darling and Wonder Egg Priority, the animation is sure to be something else for Spy x Family.

So what is the story of this series? Well, a notorious and successful spy known as Twilight, a young man who has the ability to change his appearance, is sent out on a mission wherein he will need to have a family to accomplish it. Adopting a stand-in daughter named Anya and marrying a faux-wife in Yor, Twilight doesn't realize that his new family has secrets of their own. Anya is a telepath who has the ability to read folks' minds while Yor is one of the greatest assassins the world has ever seen. Needless to say, the series is packed with plenty of action but also has some hilarious, awkward moments to push the story forward. 

Crunchyroll offered an official description of the anime adaptation for Spy x Family that reads as such:

"Everyone has a part of themselves they cannot show to anyone else. At a time when all nations of the world were involved in a fierce war of information happening behind closed doors, Ostania and Westalis had been in a state of cold war against one another for decades. The Westalis Intelligence Services' Eastern-Focused Division (WISE) sends their most talented spy, "Twilight," on a top-secret mission to investigate the movements of Donovan Desmond, the chairman of Ostania's National Unity Party, who is threatening peace efforts between the two nations."


This mission is known as 'Operation Strix.' It consists of 'putting together a family in one week in order to infiltrate social gatherings organized by the elite school that Desmond's son attends.' 'Twilight' takes on the identity of psychiatrist Loid Forger and starts looking for family members. But Anya, the daughter he adopts, turns out to have the ability to read people's minds, while his wife, Yor, is an assassin! With it being in each of their own interests to keep these facts hidden, they start living together while concealing their true identities from one another. World peace is now in the hands of this brand-new family as they embark on an adventure full of surprises."

The premiere date for Spy x Family is this Saturday, April 9th, with the first episode set to land exclusively on Crunchyroll beginning at 11:30 AM Eastern Standard Time. While a confirmed set of episodes has yet to be revealed for the first season, it appears that the story of Twilight and his new clan will run around twenty-four episodes.