Squidbillies Trailer Confirms Premiere Date for Final Season

Squidbillies has confirmed the premiere date of its 13th and final season on Adult Swim with a new trailer! The long running Adult Swim animated series caught some major fire with fans last Summer when the former star and musician behind the voice of Early Cuyler made some comments on social media that ultimately led to his firing. Fans had wondered what that would mean for the in-progress final season of the series (something the team behind the series had known it was coming to an end since 2019), but we'll be getting the answer on that front fairly soon. 

Adult Swim has confirmed that Squidbillies Season 13, which serves as the final season of the series overall, will be kicking off on Sunday, November 7th at midnight (in EST). The final season will contain ten episodes, and will be airing two new episodes a week when it premieres. As for the new voice of Early Cuyler, apparently that is being kept as a surprise for the eventual season premiere. Adult Swim even trolls fans a bit on this with the final moments of the new trailer. You can check it out below from Adult Swim's official YouTube channel: 

Adult Swim has also revealed that the search for the new voice of Early Cuyler has been well underway, and several auditions for the part have already been held. But fans will have to wait to see who it is as Adult Swim teases they'll be releasing this news at a later date (or maybe not even until its official premiere). The new season will also feature covers of the series' theme song (a running bit of flair previous seasons of the series had featuring different music artists sharing their own take on the theme) from artists such as Willie Nelson, Amanda Shires, Sturgill Simpson, and more. 

If you wanted to catch up with Squidbillies' first 12 seasons (making for 123 episodes in total) before the new season debuts, you can now find the entire series' run streaming on HBO Max. Adult Swim will be sharing some more about Squidbillies' final during the upcoming Adult Swim Festival this November as well where the cast and crew from the series will be looking back on their favorite moments during a special panel. Are you looking forward to Squidbillies' final season? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!