Steins;Gate Announces New Project

While many anime have been adapted from manga series, there are plenty of others that were given life thanks in part to visual novels as is the case with Steins;Gate as the franchise has just announced that a brand new project is in the works with a unique new video game. Spread across a number of different mediums, with perhaps the franchise gaining the most traction when it comes to video games, it's no surprise to see that the series is once again returning to players in this next chapter of the time travelling epic!

Steins;Gate was in the news earlier this year when it was announced that the franchise would be getting its own live action television series, though we've heard little when it comes to the development of this new tale and who will be bringing the characters to life across the board. The story of Steins;Gate, for those who might not know, revolves around a number of scientists who create a device dubbed the "Phone Microwave", which has two unique functions. The first function of this machine is to morph bananas into a strange liquid and also is able to send emails into the past, altering history as a result.

Steins Gate
(Photo: 5pb)

Anime and video games have gone hand in hand for some time, with the likes of Persona, Dragon Quest, and of course the heaviest of hitters in Pokemon. In the opposite direction, there has also been a number of video games created based around the stories and characters of various anime franchises such as Dragon Ball, One Piece, Naruto, and far too many others to count! Rest assured, Steins;Gate is a good fit between anime and video games, with the story premise able to fit well in both areas as a story that plays out in a "visual novel" style.

Steins;Gate also gained notoriety earlier this year with the bizarre crossover between this franchise and the unlikely merchandising mascot of Hello Kitty, joing the likes of Mobile Suit Gundam! The future of Steins;Gate is certainly a bright one and we're looking forward to seeing where this time travelling epic goes!

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