Jessica Jones Star Erin Moriarty Gushes Over Studio Ghibli in New Interview

The world of Studio Ghibli is seeking to release two new movies in the future with Earwig and the Witch and How Do You Live and the legendary animation studio is continuing to make new fans every day, with a very famous one revealing their love of the legendary animators in the form of Erin Moriarty who has starred in comic book adaptations for The Boys and Marvel's Jessica Jones. With an amusement park being created that will bring Ghibli properties to life for park goers, there are certainly more than a few reasons for anime fans to be drawn to the worlds of Ghibli!

Erin Moriarity played the part of Hope in Jessica Jones, a young girl who found herself under the sway of the villain known as Purple Man, leaving a big impression on audiences when it came to her early appearances in season one. In The Boys, the insanely popular comic book adaptation that has been released on Amazon Prime Video, she plays the role of a full fledged super hero, Starlight, who is chosen as the newest member for the Seven, a de facto version of the Justice League that holds some seriously dark secrets that require a little bit of push back.

Moriarity recently released a quick segment through Entertainment Weekly, noting that she had not gravitated more toward "traditional cartoons", but instead would find herself moving closer to the worlds of Studio Ghibli such as Princess Mononoke and Spirited Away, noting that she could watch them "all day, every day":

Studio Ghibli recently made the headlines with the arrival of most of its library onto the streaming service of HBO Max, allowing fans to watch for the first time, or re-visit, some of the biggest titles in the catalogue. With Hayao Miyazaki coming out of retirement to continue working on animated projects, we can't wait to see the new completely computer generated movie releasing later this year in the form of Earwig and the Witch!

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