The Prince of Tennis Comeback Shares New OVA Teaser

The Prince of Tennis may be a thing of the past to some, but the series is more lively than you may think. If you did not know, the sports classic launched a comeback some time ago with a set of OVAs. Now, it seems like a new special is on the way, and a teaser trailer has been released for the epic match.

The clip comes courtesy of the anime's official website in Japan. The Prince of Tennis: Hyotei vs Rikkai Game of Future felt it was time to update fans on the situation. A teaser trailer was put out which can be found above, and it teases the OVA's ending theme song.

the prince of tennis
(Photo: Shueisha)

Currently, this OVA is set to go live on April 17, and it will do so online in Japan. The first part of this special went live less than a month ago, so the comeback is still fresh. Japan welcomed the match's first half on February 13, so it was a nice treat ahead of Valentine's Day.

If you are confused about this OVA comeback, you should know the project began in the fall of 2018. The initiative was made to show fans some of the franchise's most intense and impressive matches. It began with a theatrical run a few years ago, and a second OVA was released in April 2019. A third went live that fall before the most recent debuted last month. Now, Hyotei and Rikkai will get to finish their match this month, and it will be one that fans won't want to miss! And if this OVA only scratches the surface of their love for tennis, then they can look forward to the anime's theatrical plans. A CG movie is in the works for The Prince of Tennis, and its first teaser was released not too-too long ago!


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