The Promised Neverland Live-Action Film Shares First Teaser and Poster

The Promised Neverland may have ended its manga this year, but its story is far from over. The series has only put out a single anime season at this point, and there are two live-action projects underway that will adapt the manga. Now, one of them has updated fans on its status as Toho's first teaser and poster for The Promised Neverland have gone live.

The teaser was released earlier today in Japan as a gift for fans of The Promised Neverland. The haunting clip can be found above, and it gives fans an idea of what they can expect from this adaptation. Not only are characters like Emma and Norman shown to fans, but they get a terrifying look at Isabella and her dark side.

Thankfully, no demons or monsters can be found in this trailer. The Promised Neverland is saving its biggest scares for a later date. After all, the children in this series were all raised as sacrifices, and a rogue monster has been known to gobble a kid up from time to time.

(Photo: Toho)

The new poster for The Promised Neverland shows off the rest of Emma's siblings from the orphanage. The poster looks gorgeous thanks to its idyllic background, but the red targets painted over each kid is upsetting, to say the least.

If you want to check out this movie, you will have to wait a good bit as it will debut in Japan this December. There is no telling when the live-action adaptation will make its way to the U.s., but you can embrace The Promised Neverland in other ways. The first season is currently on Crunchyroll if you want to watch it, and Viz Media published the manga in English stateside.


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