The Promised Neverland Reveals Terrifying Reason For The Big Demon Assist

The Promised Neverland is a handful of episodes deep into its second season, exploring the trails [...]

The Promised Neverland is a handful of episodes deep into its second season, exploring the trails and tribulations of the orphans of Grace Field House as they explore the world outside of the walls of the environment that treated them like cattle, and it seems as if a recent assist from "friendly" demons might have been far more sinister than they realized. This latest installment gave the orphans some much-needed respite with a big find in their journey to escape the monsters of Grace Field House, and revealed far more secrets of the outside world!

Sonju and Mujika were the two demons that had unexpectedly lent a helping hand to Emma and her fellow orphans, not attempting to eat the fleeing children, but the latest episode shed a light on the true motivations of these two demons who touted their religious beliefs on their sleeves. With the two demons leading the orphans to a wasteland that will lead them to the headquarters of William Minerva, the mysterious figure that left a series of clues that helped Emma and her friends survive. It was only until the orphans left the side of the demons that they revealed what they really wanted for the future of the children of Grace Field House.

Promised Neverland Sonju
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When the children leave the demons' side, Mujika asks her fellow demon if they should turn over the orphans in order to score a big reward, at which point Sonju interjects and states that he wants to let them go into the wasteland and have offspring of their own one day. Of course, Sonju's reasoning isn't simply because he wants what is best for the children, but rather, his religion apparently dictates that he can only eat "wild" humans and so wants the kids to grow old, procreate, and create offspring of their own that he can eventually hunt for himself!

The rest of the episode follows Emma and her fellow orphans coming across the secret hideaway of William Minerva, which is packed with food and the conveniences that they left behind leaving Grace Field House, such as showers and a fully functional kitchen. Of course, as is the case with so much else in The Promised Neverland, the respite is not quite what it seems.

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