WWE Superstar Xavier Woods Shares His Love for The God of High School

Xavier Woods has worn his love of anime, video games, and pop culture on his sleeve time and time again, entering the ring of World Wrestling Entertainment wearing costumes fashioned after Dragon Ball Z, and recently, Crunchyroll had the opportunity to sit down with the professional wrestler to discuss his love of the latest anime, The God Of High School! Xavier Woods makes up one third of the tag team known as the New Day, alongside Kofi Kingston and Big E, becoming easily one of the most well known tag teams in the recent history of the WWE!

In the interview, Xavier Woods explains what drew him to the anime initially, based on his love of a certain type of story line that has become so well known within the Shonen genre of anime series:

"I am a sucker for tournament arcs so any type of progression through opponents while learning about oneself is something I am very drawn to."

The God of High School Xavier Woods Anime
(Photo: WWE & Studio MAPPA)

With series such as Dragon Ball Z, Yu Yu Hakusho, and Naruto relying on these arcs that see the protagonists squaring off against fellow warriors in a tournament setting, it's no surprise that these brawls are able to pull people into individual anime.

When it came to his favorite character of the series, Xavier Wood is still attempting to decipher just which character resonated the most, noting that "I reserve judgment until the third episode cause I usually end up really enjoying someone when I start an anime and then three episodes later it turns out they want to burn the world to the ground."

When Crunchyroll asked Xavier Wood what the wrestler would say to anime fans who have yet to dive into the world of the God of High School, the professional wrestler of World Wrestling Entertainment playfully stated that "Honestly, it is not like you do not have the time. You already know you are going to like it so just watch it :)"

Woods currently has a Youtube Channel titled "Up Up Down Down" that dives into not just his love of all things anime, but video games as well as he will often challenge some of his professional wrestling friends to random matches of some of the biggest games out now. Needless to say, Xavier Woods knows what he's talking about when it comes to both anime and games, so definitely check out The God Of High School if you're looking for a new action anime!


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