Yashahime Gives Towa Strange New Armor

The latest episode of Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon sees the trio of half-demon warriors taking extraordinary steps in a bid to defeat one of the Four Furies in Kinton, and in doing so, gives one of the daughters of Sesshomaru a unique set of armor unlike anything else we've seen in the history of Inuyasha. With this new armor for Towa came the return of a demon who held a prominent role in one of the anime episodes of the "Final Act" of the original series, proving that some demons aren't all as evil as those looking to take control of the Rainbow Pearls!

Warning! If you have yet to watch Episode Nine of Yashahime: Princess Half Demon, you might want to steer clear as we'll be diving into spoiler territory for the anime's latest entry!

With Moroha, Towa, and Setsuna seeking to defeat the demon known as Kinton, a powerful Fury that has the ability to create a number of abilities using cursed marks on his person, they encounter the son of the turtle demon named Meioju, who first made his presence known in the final episodes of the first series of Inuyasha! With the adorable demon Meifuku being a toddler who happens to be fifty years old, he still has a long way to go until he is able to reach his deceased father's powers, which is a big problem for the trio of demon bounty hunters!

Yashahime Towa Armor
(Photo: Sunrise)

The original Meioju was killed by Kinton, as the Fury was looking to gain a set of armor that would protect him during the numerous battle he would undergo in an effort to make the world no longer "distasteful" in his eyes. Though Moroha was hunting Kinton to gain a bounty that would allow her to have a year's worth of rice, Setsuna and Towa were attempting to gain these funds in order to set a bounty of their own in order to find the "Dream Butterfly" that had such a big impact on the daughter of Sesshomaru.

Meifuku was able to latch itself to Towa and help in the trio defeating the threat of Kinton, with Meioju interjecting from beyond the grave in order to give his son the confidence needed to protect Towa and finish the Fury once and for all!


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