DC's Dark Crisis Writer Teases Long-Awaited Return of Surprising Character

The DC universe is currently being shocked by the events of Dark Crisis, a crossover that was kickstarted by the death of the Justice League. As fans have already seen across the event and its various tie-ins, that catalyst has brought together a number of surprising heroes and villains, some of whom have not been prominent in recent DC continuity. According to a recent Reddit Q&A with Dark Crisis writer Joshua Williamson, one long-awaited character return might soon be on the way. When asked about the potential of an "ArrowFam" reunion, and whether or not Mia Dearden / Speedy could be a part of that, Williamson confirmed that "Mia will be back."

"Mia will be back," Williamson wrote. "I can't really get into when and where without too many spoilers. And yeah, I love the arrowfam!"

Created by Kevin Smith and Phil Hester, Mia was initially introduced a victim of child prostitution who was taken under Oliver Queen / Green Arrow's wing, and became the second incarnation of Speedy. She became a key component of the ArrowFam, as well as a member of the Teen Titans. While Mia was missing from the early days of the New 52 relaunch, she would go on to inspire other elements of Green Arrow canon, particularly the characters Thea Queen and Mia Smoak-Queen on The CW's Arrow. Mia was eventually reimagined within the New 52 as the daughter of a corrupt billionaire, and in the years since, her appearances have consisted of scenes outside of the main DC continuity, or as a vision in last year's Green Arrow 80th Anniversary 100-Page Super Spectacular. 

Of course, it remains to be seen exactly what Mia's return could entail, especially given the parameters that seem to have been laid out in Dark Crisis. In particular, it seems as if the League members who "died" — including Oliver and Dinah Lance / Black Canary — might have actually survived, but been placed into various pocket universes by Pariah. The end of the Williamson-penned Infinite Frontier miniseries showcased that happening to Barry Allen / The Flash, and placed him in a universe where all of the members of his extended family were alive and happy. It certainly wouldn't be out of the question for Oliver or Dinah's pocket universe to feature Mia. That being said, there's certainly potential for her to appear in the main continuity of the event as well, as someone who mourns, or is inspired by, the perceived loss of Oliver and Dinah.

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