Legends of Tomorrow's Maisie Richardson-Sellers Reveals Why "Zarlie" Kiss Was Cut from Season 5 Finale

The Season 5 finale of DC's Legends of Tomorrow was packed with memorable moments as the team [...]

The Season 5 finale of DC's Legends of Tomorrow was packed with memorable moments as the team saves Charlie, destroys the Loom of Fate, and saves reality once again complete with a fight scene set to Sisqo's "Thong Song". The episode also saw both Charlie and Zari 1.0 say goodbye -- both characters departed the team entirely -- and earlier this week, co-showrunner Keto Shimizu revealed that a kiss between the two characters was cut from the episode. Now, Maisie Richardson-Sellers, who played Charlie and herself left the series, reveals why the "Zarlie" moment didn't make it to air.

On Twitter (via TVLine), Richardson-Sellers told fans that the reason Charlie's kiss with Zari 1.0 (Tala Ashe) was cut was because it changed the tone of what was otherwise a very emotionally charged farewell as the scene saw Zari 1.0 choose to remain inside the Totem so that her brother could live.

"Team #Zarlie, know that the kiss was cut solely because it changed the needed tone of an emotional scene," Richardson-Sellers wrote. "Everyone wanted to keep it, but Legends is only the magical show it is because of trusting our instincts with hard decisions like this. Love you all (and Zarlie.)"

Shimizu also weighed in, noting that the scene was one that even the writers loved so it really was a matter of just not changing the tone of the scene -- and it was a decision they took seriously.

"The writers loved it when we broke the episode, when [Morgan Faust] and I wrote the moment when it was shot, and when we saw it in dailies," Shimizu wrote. "What Maisie says is true. Leaving it out was not a decision made lightly."

Of course, just because it didn't make it to the broadcast season finale doesn't mean it might not someday become available for fans to enjoy. The official Twitter account for the show's writers room said that efforts were being made to "release the #Zarlie scene" and they'd keep fans updated on the outcome.

"Release the #Zarlie Scene Update: calls are being made, things are being run up flagpoles," the post reads. "In short: we see you, we hear you and we will keep you posted, so watch this space."

As for the show's sixth season, fans don't have to wait much longer for that. DC's Legends of Tomorrow returns for its sixth season on Sunday, May 2nd at 8/7c on The CW.

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