Supergirl: Nicole Maines on Nia's "Mentor" Role in "Prom Night!"

This week's episode of Supergirl, "Prom Night!", sees Nia Nal/Dreamer head back in time to Midvale 2009 to visit a moment in Kara Danvers' youth that might hold the key to bringing the adult Kara home from the Phantom Zone in the present. It's a high-stakes mission, but it puts Nia in an unexpected position as it will bring her into contact with not just Kara, but another of her mentors, Cat Grant, during their formative years. It's a situation that Nicole Maines says puts Nia in a unique position of being able to do for Kara what Kara has done for her.

Speaking with, Maines said that she had a lot of fun getting to play Nia opposite this younger version of Cat Grant (Eliza Helm), but even beyond that, she was really excited for Nia's dynamic with young Kara as it allowed Nia to help Kara embrace her powers much like Kara had done with her when they first met.

"First of all, Cat Grant was so much fun because I've never gotten to do a scene with any Cat Grant, so that was fun for me. And of course, Eliza was fantastic and she totally captured the whole Cat Grant vibe so those scenes were really fun to do. But something I'm really looking forward to people seeing this episode is how that mentor/mentee relationship switches a little bit between Kara and Nia now that Nia is the older one," Maines said. "And of course, this is high school Kara, who has never met another alien before and so now the first aliens she's meeting are Brainy and Nia and so where Kara had kind of helped Nia embrace her powers and embrace who she is now Nia is kind of in that position to do that for Kara."

But it isn't just Nia's relationship with Kara that fans will see develop a bit in the episode. Brainy (Jesse Rath) is going with Nia to Midvale and Maines explained that the time-travel adventure will also see their relationship grow as they help each other through some of the issues they've been dealing with.

"I really love these episodes, in terms of Nia and Brainy's relationship, just because they've had a little bit of a rocky go of it so them having their own kind of time-traveling adventure is really, really good for them," she said. "So, we're gonna see them grow and see their relationship develop more and they just had an opportunity to do that now that the truth is on the table and they're on the same page. But as far as going back in time, yeah, they are under a lot of pressure. And we're going to see each of them kind of try to figure out how to deal with that because that's kind of what they've both been doing so far this season. Brainy, of course, was doughnuts, and Nia with just this constant self-criticism and just trying to force herself to be better, even though it's not working. So, they're gonna help each other through that."


Supergirl airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on The CW. "Prom Night!" airs tonight, April 27.