Alinity Reveals How Much More Money She's Making on OnlyFans Compared to Twitch

Natalia ‘Alinity’ Mogollon, one of the most popular Twitch streamers in the world, has [...]

Natalia 'Alinity' Mogollon, one of the most popular Twitch streamers in the world, has revealed that she makes a lot more on OnlyFans compared to the Amazon-owned platform. During a recent stream with MizKif, Alinity revealed she made more in two months on OnlyFans than she has in 10 years on Twitch. Now, it's possible there's a tinge of hyperbole to this statement, but the point stands: OnlyFans has been far more lucrative for the streamer than Twitch has.

I'm going to give you an idea – I don't want to say how much I make in one place or another – but in two months, I've made what I would have made in 10 years on Twitch," said Alinity when asked which platform she makes more money on by MizKif, who was left in a state of shock after hearing this.

It's unclear how much money Alinity makes each year on Twitch, but it's not a small amount. In fact, according to some estimates, she has a net worth of well over $1. In other words, it sounds like she's making a metric ton of cash on OnlyFans, but as you would expect, Alinity is keeping all of this information to herself. And again, it's worth reiterating that there could be some hyperbole to the statement, but if there is, it's not conveyed in tone of any type of follow-up.

Compared to some of the biggest streamers in the world -- like xQc and Valkyrae -- Alinity's success on Twitch is fairly humble, so this may not be too representative of the profit potential of the two platforms, but we do know people make millions a month on OnlyFans, an amount of money hard to come by on via Twitch subscribers and ads.

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